Margaret Wenzel, Ph.D. in Health Science

Margaret Wenzel, Ph.D. in Health Science

Doctor of Public Health/Visionary and Founder of LymeLabs™


LymeLabs™ brand was born out of my overwhelming concern for my daughter, who was stricken with SEVEN tickborne infections about seven years ago…

As a health professional steeped in Complementary and Alternative Health, I always believed that a healthy body has the innate ability to clear infections. Yet, when my daughter was diagnosed with seven (YES, 7!) tickborne diseases, I knew I had to ‘put my head on’ a bit differently! As a result, I took a deep dive, obtaining a Ph.D. in the School of Health Sciences- Community Public Health, focusing on tickborne infections.

My primary goal was to aid in my
daughter’s healing. I was also driven by the inspiration that no other family is afflicted with such scary and life-altering infections. My over-arching goal was to learn how huge a public health dilemma we face!

I learned there is an unprecedented and staggering amount of misinformation about tickborne infections. Through the endless hours of combing the academic research journals, I also gleaned that we could position ourselves more fortified from Chronic Lyme and the plethora of co- infections. So many of these components need to be taught to patients through the channels by
which we learn how to care for our health, such as alternative and complementary practices as
well as our standard medical healthcare model.

LymeLabs™ is the brainchild of a terrible public health dilemma, the utter concern I had for my
daughter, and the countless numbers of individuals that I have encountered who are afflicted by tickborne illnesses- often unbeknownst! I feel both immense passion and profound gratitude as I now watch my belly-dancing and animal-loving daughter experience the kind of healing that of
which we typically are not encouraged. Here’s to helping others have happy… BEGINNINGS!

To my precious daughter:
Not only did you make me a MOM, but you also made me a DOCTOR!
I love you with my whole heart,
Dr. Margaret Wenzel, Ph.D.
Visionary and Founder of LymeLabs™